HAAAAAM-Burger Organic Hamburger and French Fry Seasoning

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Do you ever wish you could replicate that amazing hamburger you had at some unknown greasy spoon restaurant in that small town you happened to drive through at just the right moment when a burger was the only thing that would satisfy?  Well now you can...

After many trials and test burgers, our new Haaaaam-burger seasoning replicates that old fashioned small town greasy spoon burger that you've been dreaming about without the addition of anything else.  Our USDA Organic seasoning is all you need, no additional salt or pepper, don't even worry that you don't have Worcestershire, you don't need it with our seasoning.  Simply sprinkle the seasoning on both sides of the patty (80% lean ground chuck or some form of ground steak/ground meat/meatless protein/Veggie Burger) that's all you will need to be THE MAN, at your next tailgate or neighborhood cookout.  While I love a flame grilled burger, I have found that pan frying on high heat produces the best results (replicating that greasy spoon burger). 

Haaaaam-burger isn't a one trick pony either, add to your french fries or other crispy fried or baked vegetables for a delicious complementary side dish to the burger.  This versatile all purpose seasoning salt is limited only by your imagination and experimentation.

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