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Are your Seasonings certified Organic?

Yes all of our seasonings are Certified USDA Organic by Where Food Comes From Organic (WFCFO)

Are your Seasonings certified Kosher?

Yes all of our seasonings are Certified Kosher Pareve by Kosher Supervision of Amaerica (KSA)

Are your Seasonings Non-GMO - (Non-Genetically Modified Organism)?


Are your Seasonings Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Pesticide/Fertilizer Free, Nut Free?

Yes. As part of being certified Organic our manufacturing facility complies with many food safety protocols to keep our ingredients safe for consumption including verifying and ensuring the supply chain provides ingredients that are without Gluten, are not known to cause food allergies, are grown and harvested without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and are produced in a nut free environment to prevent cross contamination.

Do your seasonings contain sugar, if so when doesn't it show up on the nutrition labels?

Yes, four of our seasonings contain a minute amount of sugar to help balance the flavor profile.  We use only pure Organic cane sugar and when possible pure Organic cane brown sugar.  The following flavors contain Organic sugar: Cocoa Butt'Er, Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em, Boudreaux T's, and HAAAAAM-Burger.  Because there is so little sugar in each serving the FDA does not require it to be listed in the totals on the nutrition label.

Do your Seasonings contain MSG or other chemicals?

We are proud that our seasonings only contain Organic herbs and spices mixed with Sea Salt.  We will never add anything artificial to our products.  We never add MSG, fillers such corn starch, anti-caking chemicals, or preservatives.

Are your Spices Dairy Free?

We are certified KSA Pareve which means Kosher and Dairy Free, so YES.

Why isn't there a nutritional facts label on your jars?

You can find the nutritional facts label for every product on its product page.  The FDA does not require us to add a nutrition label to our products at this time and since our labels are already so small it doesn't make much sense to add a label that essentially states every bottle contains no nutritional value.  All ingredients are listed on every label.