Lemon-AID Paper Fish

This classic and simple method of steaming fish in parchment paper is also called Fish en Papillote. It works great with all white fish and your favorite veggies.

What is White Fish?

White fish refers to several types of mild-flavored fish with white flesh. These fish are generally lean and have a delicate taste and texture. Examples of white fish include cod, haddock, hake, pollock, and sole.

Their versatility in cooking makes them popular, as their neutral flavor works well with various seasonings and cooking methods. They are commonly used in dishes like fish and chips, baked fish, and fish tacos.

Moreover, white fish are among the healthiest to eat, offering benefits such as supporting the immune system, fighting inflammation, and strengthening bones.

What's the difference between Red and White Fish?

The primary distinction between red and white fish lies in the color of their flesh and the types of fish they represent. Red fish, such as salmon and trout, have pink to reddish flesh due to their diet, which is rich in pigments like astaxanthin. These fish typically have a more robust flavor and higher fat content, contributing to their unique taste and flakiness.

Conversely, white fish, including cod, haddock, and sole, possess white or pale flesh. They are leaner and have a milder flavor, making them versatile for various cooking methods and seasoning options.


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