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My "Go-To" Seasoning

This isn’t just another spice rub—Flavor Seed's Anything With Wings spice rub is the GOAT!
Trust me - I've tried many poultry rubs and even blended my own.(Way too much work!)

I’ve used "Anything With Wings" for baking, air frying, grilling, and smoking, and it delivers every single time. It delivers the perfect timeless taste that takes chicken and turkey to the next level without overpowering. Get your hands on this rub. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

Pantry staple

My favorite taco seasoning. No junk, great flavor!

This adds a perfect amount of flavor when smoking pork. Have not used on beef, maybe a brisket this weekend


This isn't that old school Lemon Pepper. This truly is lemon. It is fantastic on any vegetable that you cook. I keep this on my counter.
It is a must have!

N.C. BBQ Rub

This rub had a good savory flavor and heat balance. It was good on ribs as well as chicken.

Flavor seed yum

Very good flavor on Tri tip in the smoker. Everyone loved it. Was caked up in bottle is only complaint

Academy of Q testers

This is a great product. I recently made 2 racks of pork ribs for comparison. One was rubbed with the all organic Flavor Seed and the other with a commonly found BBQ rub. The difference was immediately noticeable. The Flavor Seed had a deeper overall flavor and color with out the additional salt found in the other. And you can’t beat organic.


Tried this on some baby back ribs and then smoked them as I usually do. The flavor was a little sweet, a little spicy, and a little salty - a great combo of flavors and spices. I will definitely use this again, the next time on some pork chops !!

Excellent flavor

More of a salty pepper blend than I usually use, but excellent flavor!

Cocoa Butt'Er
Lanny Ropers
Delicious and quite shocking

The chocolate coffee blend was delicious and quite shocking. I never realized that chocolate with coffee would add so much to my steak! Quite pleased with the effects.

Great flavor!

We used this seasoning on some pork butt we seasoned for pulled pork for our family Easter party. It was a hit. There wasn't a bite left when dinner was over. It has a great flavor without being over powering. The adults and kids loved it. The seasoning was in a large clump when it arrived because of the high humidity we have here in South Texas but I smashed it up a bit and was still able to sprinkle it on the meat. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a great seasoning for meat!

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Crystal Campbell
Best spice ever...

I have tried many spices but this one is a great one to have... We have put it on chicken and ribs and if has an amazing flavor!! I did not use any I there seasoning just this and they loved it.

brisket test

I used this rub on a brisket and everybody loved it it really give it a nice taste and it was super yummy for my friends that couldn't believe i only used the one rub because i really wanted to find out how much this rub would make a difference

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
stephen davison
Great flavor!

I used this on pork chops on the stove top and finished them in the oven great flavor. It could be a little spicier but overall it’s great!


Was amazing I have used 3 times since I have received it. First time was on a Pork Tender Loin, Second was on a Chuck Roast that was smoked on pellet grill( Highly recommend ) and third was City chicken and veggies which was great to. Loved to spice and plan on getting more.
Thank you
Katina Britt

Awesome Flavor

Did a whole chicken on the grill. Wow what great taste.

Joe Robba
Dat’s Money dude

We’ve made Shrimp and Grits a handful of times with tidewater, and it makes for an absolutely amazing meal. It boosts the shrimp flavor to the next level, but also it’s nice not getting all the toxins from something like Old Bay or other seafood seasonings. Tidewater is money!

Sugar Momma
Joe Robba
Never use white sugar again

We use sugar momma on our bacon, cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, banana bread, and sweet potatoes just to name a few. It’s delicious and clean. We try to avoid too much sugar, but when you do use sugar make sure it’s this one!

Rock Yo' Taco
Joe Robba
Our kids love taco nights now!

I swear, before I found Flavorseed, our kids wouldn’t branch out much from chicken tenders and Mac and cheese, but now they ask for tacos on the regular, and it’s because of this seasoning. It makes for delicious taco meat, and obviously it’s all clean eating too. It’s an all around win!

The OG
Joe Robba
It’s our go to!

Ever since we started using Flavorseed seasonings, the OG has become our go to seasoning! We make sheet pan veggies, omelettes, season our chicken and salads with it, and the best part is our kids absolutely love it. Getting kids to eat vegetables has never been easier. And the fact that you know there are no toxins in Flavorseed, means I’m never going back to the crud they sell at the store!


This seasoning is a game-changer for any poultry dish! It's a great addition to white fish. It's become a staple in my kitchen, especially for adding a tasty kick to my morning eggs or enhancing the flavors of chicken and pork dishes.

brings a taste of authenticity to every meal

I've found my new go-to Italian seasoning, and it's nothing short of legendary! From the first taste, you'll never look back - your other Italian seasonings will be headed straight to the city dump! I love applying it to my steak for a wonderfully herbal Italian flavor that takes my dish to the next level.

Perfect for adding a kick!

I'm absolutely hooked on "Did Someone Say Chipotle" seasoning! Whether you pronounce it "Chi-poll-tee" or "Chip-Polt-lay," the rhyme is just the beginning of its charm. It's spicier than other brands but oh-so-delicious. I love generously sprinkling it on my eggs for a flavorful breakfast or adding it to my chicken dishes for an extra punch.

The OG
Love it with my surf and turf!

I love the "OG" seasoning blend! It's an ode to garlic, and the combination of salt, pepper, and garlic creates a symphony of flavors that elevate any dish. Whether I'm seasoning shrimp to pair with my steaks or adding it to, eggs, or chicken, it always enhances the taste just right. I appreciate its versatility - I can apply it before, during, or after cooking, and it always impresses me. Plus, the simplicity of the blend makes it a staple on my kitchen table for adding the final touches to my meals. If you're looking for a delicious and easy-to-use seasoning, the "OG" is a winner!

Everything went as it should getting it here, and it is a delicious run. Will probably order again