Spice of the Month Club Subscription

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Welcome to our Spice of the Month Club Subscription Program:

When you subscribe for yourself or your lucky friend, the recipient will receive 1 jar or bag of Flavor Seed seasonings each month corresponding to the time of year you begin your subscription.  Below identifies the monthly schedule.  Your subscription lasts for as long as you like, cancel any time. Select between 2-3 oz. glass jars or double the amount of seasonings with our 5 oz. plastic bags.  Price includes shipping each month and we reserve the right to add some cool treats to your box along the way including samples of test products, new recipe cards, or Flavor Seed merch.

Monthly Seasonings Schedule:


    Bullseye - With hunting season in in full swing, Bullseye will have you prepared for a delicious gamey meal


      Anything With Wings - Hello Thanksgiving, here's to your best turkey ever


        Divine Bovine - Perfect for that Christmas Standing Rib Roast




            Did Someone Say Chipotle - Stay warm all winter with this family friendly spice


              Cocoa Butter - Winter Comfort Food (Beef Stew and Chocolate Coffee Ribeyes)


                Tidewater - Ready for Crawfish and Crab Boils




                    Rock Yo Taco - Ole, now you are set for Cinco de Mayo


                    Boudreaux T's - Blacken that fresh catch during the spring run


                  • HAAAAAM-Burger - Nobody does Summer / July 4th hamburgers like Flavor Seed



                      Zilch, Nada, None - Summer veggies are perfect with our No salt turmeric freshness


                        It's Greek to Me - Summer grill season isn't complete without Greek kabobs


                          Smoke Em' If You Got 'Em - End of Summer also means football and smoked BBQ, we've got you covered

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