FLAVOR SEED - Boudreaux T's Organic Mild Blackening Seasoning | Keto, Paleo, Non-GMO, Gluten Free | Great for Blackened Seafood, Salmon, Tuna, Redfish, Chicken Wings, Vegetables, Burgers | Magic Not Spicy

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Pronounced "Boo-dr-Oh" and derived from classic Cajun lore, this complex blackening seasoning comes in a reusable 4 oz glass container and features close to twenty USDA Organic ingredients.  Sometimes all you need is salt, but sometimes you need spice in your life.  This seafood blackened seasoning does just that without the heat of a traditional cajun seasoning.  This pairs amazingly well with redfish, salmon, tuna, and other oily fish which may benefit from a quick high heat sear.  Many customers enjoy the flavor so much they use this on everything including chicken and vegetables.  Something about the flavors come alive when seared in a smoking hot cast iron skillet, and transform your seafood from just ordinary to extraordinary.  Don't forget about the leftovers in the cast iron skillet, we enjoy making a sauce by deglazing the pan and tossing in sauteed veggies or penne pasta.

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