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Flavor Seed Cocoa Butt'Er Guinness Stew

Delicious Hearty Chocolate Coffee Beef Stew perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Cocoa Butt'Er Steak and more!

Do you need a quick Flavor Seed steak meal? Then this recipe is perfect. It includes instructions on how to make beets, spinach and steak with the help of Flavor Seeds seasonings. The seasonings used are Flavor Seeds Cocoa Butt'Er, It's Greek To me, and Anything with Wings Seasonings. Don't miss out!  

Flavor Seed Buddha Bowl

 This delicious bowl is surprisingly super easy to make. Seasoned with three different Flavor Seed seasonings. Zilch...

Did Someone Say Chipotle Hummus

Delicious Nutritious Organic Snack. Chipotle Hummus

Rock Yo' Taco Pie

Ingredients: Rock Yo' Taco Seasoning 5 tsp. per lb of ground meat 1-1.25 lb. organic ground meat (beef, chicken, tu...

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