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Flavor Seed Cocoa Butt'Er Guinness Stew


Delicious Hearty Chocolate Coffee Beef Stew perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Servings: 4 people      Prep time: 15 min 

Cook time: 2.5 hours.    Total time: 2 hr 45 min



    4 TBS Flavor Seed Cocoa Butt’Er Seasoning

    1 Guinness Stout Draught Beer

    2 lbs. Stew Beef

    2 TBS tomato paste

    2 medium onions

    2 cups of Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal

    4 ribs of celery

    6 large garlic cloves, minced

    6 whole cut carrots

    4 cups beef stock(broth) and 2 cups water

    2 Bay leaves (optional)

    Fresh Parsley (optional)



  1. Dust the pieces of meat with 2 TBS of Cocoa Butt’Er while you heat 2 TBS olive oil in a large thick-bottomed stock pot on the stove top at medium-high heat. Let each piece become well-browned on each side.  Remove browned pieces to a plate once you’ve finished. The browning leaves a residue on the bottom of the pan—leave it, as it adds to the flavor.
  2. Immediately add 2 TBS olive oil and cut onions, celery, garlic and carrots and sauté for 10 minutes.  Once you’re finished sautéing, remove vegetables to a large bowl and save for later.
  3. Place beef back into the pot, stir in the remaining 2 TBS Cocoa Butt’Er, add beef stock, water, tomato paste, and bay leaves.  Bring to a boil then simmer on low for 1.5 hours.
  4. After 1.5 hours add sautéed vegetables and Guinness to the pot. Stir in 2 cups of Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal.  Heat the mixture until it begins to simmer, then reduce to the lowest setting. Cover the pot and let it cook for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Oatmeal will thicken the stew, add additional water if it starts to thicken to much.
  5. Add parsley, salt, and pepper to taste, and serve, or refrigerate for later.


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